Inventory of Tumidei Photo Archive online

Cataloguing the Tumidei Photo Archive started with the Sculpture section comprising over 2,000 photographs of works by Italian artists from Gothic to Neoclassical.

Serving as basic tools for scholars studying and researching into art history, these photos reflect Stefano Tumidei's minute examination of sculptures which he depicts from various angles, focusing on unusual details. The collection holds exceptional interest in that it documents some otherwise little known artists and works.

In the first nucleus to be catalogued, alongside protagonists of Baroque sculpture like Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Alessandro Algardi, there is ample coverage of certain 18th-century Emilian and Romagna sculptors whom Tumidei referred to various times in his writings.
Pride of place goes to the Rimini modeller Antonio Trentanove, on whom Tumidei wrote his MA dissertation, which the Federico Zeri Foundation published in 2016: Antonio Trentanove e la scultura del Settecento in Romagna.
There are also some important folders on Ballanti Graziani, Luigi Acquisti, and Filippo Balugani.

The images and information produced by digitized cataloguing have been incorporated into the Foundation database alongside the Zeri Photo Archive material. This is the first time the online catalogue has been augmented by data from other photographic archives acquired by the Foundation.
The scholar in charge of cataloguing was Silvia Massari.

568 photographs are available online.
Many of them were taken by Stefano Tumidei himself, who used also to develop and print his own photographs.